THE BEATLES
                         Cm           Gm                 Ab/Bb        Eb
 EB/Db   Ab
                 The long and winding road____ that leads to your door____
                         wild and windy night______ that the rain washed away___
                             Eb/G               Cm7  Fm7
 Bb7              Eb7sus
                 will never disappear____ i`ve seen that road before____
                 has left a pool of tears___ crying for the day____
                 It always leads me here, Lead me to your door.
                 Why leave me standing here? Let me know  the way.
                 Many times i`ve been alone___ and many times i`ve cried.
                 Anyway___you`ll never know___the many ways i`ve tried.___
                 And still they lead me back____ to the long winding road.____
                 You left me standing here a long, long time ago.____________

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