[D]One and one is two.   What am I to do, 
 [G]now that I`m in [A]love with [D]you?
 I`m [D]hopin` ev`ryday I`m gonna hear you say, 
 "You [G]really make my [A]wish come [D]true."

 [D]   Can you feel when I`m [G7]holding you near  (Oh [D]yeah)
    All the things I [A7]do?  (Oh [D]yeah)
    So, my love, am I [G7]making it clear?  (Oh [D]yeah)
    One and [A7]one is [D]two.

 [D]   Can`t you see I`ve loved [G7]you from the start?  (Oh [D]yeah)
    Don`t you love me [A7]too?  (Oh [D]yeah)
    I love you but you`re [G7]breakin` my heart.  (Oh [D]yeah)
    From [A7]wanting [D]you.

 [D]   If you say that you`re [G7]gonna be mine   (Oh [D]yeah)
    Ev`rything`s al[A7]right.  (Oh [D]yeah)
    All the world would [G7]look so fine  (Oh [D]yeah)
    If you`ll be [A7]mine to[D]night.

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