Intro :
 He`s a real nowhere man
 Sitting in his nowhere land
 Em             Gm                D
 Making all his nowhere plans for nobody
 D              A 
 Doesn`t have a point of view
 G                    D
 Knows not where he`s going to
 Em           Gm             D
 Isn`t he a bit like you and me
         F#m        G
 Nowhere man please listen 
             F#m            G
 You don`t know what you`re missing
         F#m     Em7                     A7
 Nowhere man the world is at your command
 Same chords as for verse
 Verse 2:
 He`s as blind as he can be
 Just sees what he wants to see
 Nowhere man can you see me at all
 Nowhere man don`t worry
 Take your time don`t hurry
 Leave it all till somebody else lends you a hand

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