[C]Nobody I know could [Dm7]love me [G7]more than [C]you.  [Dm7]        [G7]
 [C]You can give me so much [Bb]love it se[G7]ems un[D7]true.  [G7]
 [C]Listen to the bird who [Em]sings it in the tree,
 [Am]and the when you`ve heard him, [Ab]see if you agree.
 [C]Nobody I know could [Dm7]love you [G7]more than [C]me.   [Dm7]        [G7]
 Everywhere I go the sun comes shining through.
 Everyone I know is sure it shines on you.
 Even in my dreams I look into your eyes,
 suddenly it seems, I`ve found a paradise.
 [C]Everywhere I go the [Dm7]sun comes [G7]shining th[C]rough.  [D]     
  [G7]        [C]
     [Am]Means so much to [E7]be a part of a [A]heart of a wonderful [C]one.
     [Am]When other lovers are [C]gone, we`ll live [Dm7]on,     [G7] 
 we`ll live [C]on.   [Dm7]          [G7]

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