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Burning From the Inside  -  bauhaus

From: Le Vampyre  [email protected]
             OR        [email protected]

This is a simple song: a couple chords, some randomness, picking
and half strums

Here's the main riff for the first time he plays it:
Let all ring throughout
       F#              F               F#              F

A slide /up or down followed by > mean hit the end note as soon as you
get to it, not just slide to it.

Once you learn that part, loosen on it, add notes like this:
       F#                F                   F#                F
   ?-?-?                                 ?-?-?

The ?-?-? doesn't mean it's a mystery, it just varies:
E>-1-1/>2-  OR  E>-0-1/>2------------------------------| in the 1st measure
E>-1-/>2-  OR  E>-1-1/>2-  OR  E>-0-1/>2-   in the 3rd-|
lots variations between these :)

On the grace notes: ()  don't play two at once, only one.
About halfway through, heplays the G>-(2)- every time :)

As for the chorus, it's simple, you just half strum low and high and some-
times middle: l-h-h-h-l-h-h-l-l-h-h-h  (or like that :)
This strumming is on a barred A chord (E shape) -> 577655
Alternating between repeats you hit a chord or run up the E string:

chord: XXX886  Vary it if you like, minor or suspended
run: A>-(7)--(7)---|

The basline is easy:  E>-5-----5------5-5-- repeat  (in chorus)

I might have missed some bass work in the chorus, but as far as I can
tell, t-t-tt-tth--th-h-th-th-at's all folks.  +>

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