Swan Lee got up at the runningford powwow and headed from the
fire to his waiting canoe.
G# B
Juttering squaw untied the wigwam door, the chief blew
smokerings two by two

The land in silence stands

Swan Lee, his boat by a by the bank in the darkness loosened
the rope from the creepers entwined
A feather from the wing of a wild young eagle pointed to the
land where his fortune he'd find

The land in silence stands

Swan Lee paddled on from the land of his fathers his eyes
scanned the undergrowth on either side from the shore hung a
hot heavy creature infested tropic, Swan Lee had a bow by his

Swan Lee got in half on land half on water grizzly bear and
raccoon his fair
he followed his ears to the great waterfall for Swan Lee knew
people and his squaw was there

the land in silence stands

Suddenly the rush of the mighty great thunder confronted Swan
Lee as this song he sang
In the dawn with his squaw, he was battling homewards, it was
all written down by long Silas Lang

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