NO MAN'S LAND -- Syd Barrett

INTRO:       Bdom7(w/trill)  Adom7

You would hold your head up high, you even try
E                       		 G
you would hold another hand, oh understand!
F                            A                  B
They even see me under call,  we under all, we awful-awful, crawl
E          G    A   E    B           E
to hear my hour,        come see me cry...

Just searching you even try, I can make you smile
E                                                    G
if it's there will you go there too?  when I live I die!
F                            A                 B
They even see me under call,  we under all, we awful, awful, crawl
E           G   A   E   B         E
because of you,         to see me be.

Solo over (E-extended) Verse

Repeat Verse 2

The last verse is mostly garbled....but you can pick out Tell me, Tell
me, Tell me  Yippee  and also: Heavily Spaced.  According to
legend, this verse was originally meant to be understood, but
when they f**ked it up in the studio, Syd liked it and kept it
that way...(****this is a quote from PSYCHO the Barrett Fan)

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