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                                - F E E L -
                       Words And Music by Syd Barrett
                            Transcribed by FISH

You feel me
             D      A     Bm
away far too empty, oh so alone! I want to go home
Oh find me inside of a nocturn - the blonde

how I love you to be by my side
they wail...
the crowd on her side
    C             D             G         Fmaj7  D7(+4)
she straggled the bridge by the water...

She misses her crawl
far ley grew
heady aside in a dell
inside an eye be the lonely one, my bride
how I leave on the waddling wheel
they flail...
a gasp shringing
a bad bell's ringing
the angel - the daughter...

You feel me...

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    D  DOIUD A

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