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From: [email protected]
Subject: Barenaked Ladies: You Will Be Waiting

I hope that the chord fingerings below
make sense. I don't know the real names of the chords that I've called
such things as CaddG, but it's a C major with the high G note added on
the first string and so on. Sorry about the capo placement, but my
cassette player plays everything fast (about a half-step fast) so where
I have to put my capo to play along isn't necessarily reliable. Just pick
out the bass notes and see where it should go.

Ben McTernan
[email protected]

(Capo on 2nd or 3rd fret; I can't remember which)

The numbers below denote the fret where the string should be held, not
the finger that should be used. All fingerings are with the capo on.
 CaddG       C/BaddG      Am7         Am7/G       Fm

 32013        2X013       02013      3X2013      133111


CaddG        C/BaddG            Am7            Am7/G
As we walk together through the autumn nearing winter
            Fm                                 C               G
Through the dying leaves and trees we call our home and native land
    CaddG           C/BaddG         Am7
You say you don't believe a thing I say
          Am7/G           Fm
I say you don't believe a thing
                               C            G
You say you can't believe that I don't understand

      F               C
But I know you will be waiting
     F               C
Oh I know you will be waiting
      F             G (pause)
Yes I know you will be waiting, waiting there for me

Other verses are the same, with interludes being either a full or
truncated repetition of the main progression.


F        G
You were someone who would

CaddG  C/BaddG    Am7      Am7/G
Always tell me    things I don't know

Tell me where to go

           C      G  (hold on the G chord)
There I'll always go

          F               G
Always go back whether or not you're waiting

CaddG    C/BaddG   Am7               Am7/G
Ooh well I don't   care if you'll be waiting

Fm              G                             CaddG   C/BaddG
Please say that you will be waiting there for me

Am7            Am7/G    Fm                 C
Don't you ever leee-eee-eave, please don't leave

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