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From: [email protected] (The Gorgar Group)
Subject: TAB: Alternative Girlfriend by Barenaked Ladies

SONG: Alternative Girlfriend
ARTIST: Barenaked Ladies
ALBUM: Maybe You Should Drive

Here's the main riff:


This riff repeats through each phrase on an E chord and then
          uses the fills:   Bm   A9  at the end of each phrase.

You're in an all-girl band...

  Bm      A9

Through to :


   E        Bm          A9                  B
You're    my     alternative girlfriend

   E        Bm           A9                 B
I love    you now  you can not pretend

 C#m                                                        F#
There's nothing in life that won't cross over...


David F. Bills  (Gorgar)
[email protected]

Get those Barenaked tabs out there!
I can't do them all myself!

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