Epitath by Badly Drawn Boy
of the album Hour of the Bewilderbeast
Transcribed by Ryan T Rockers esq.
Please don't leave me wanting more
E                        G
I hope you 
E                        G
theres no need to say why
A                                    D
just promise that you'll try
to give me all you can
I'll never ask for more
there's new life through the door
the cradle 
and falls
as new fruit fills the tree
cements the melody
to signify we're free
our troubles passing
through decaying simple times
I'll tread your trail with pride
semantics on the side (?)
I've nothing better
please don't leave me wanting more
I hope you never die
there's no need to say why
just promise that you'll try

I'm pretty sure that's it.   I was listening to a live version cause I think he's in a different tuning on 
album, but thats it basically.   Any suggestions are welcome.

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