Chord Used

G	320033
Em	022000
F#	233422
B7	X24242
C7	X35353
F7	X8108108

40 DAYS & 40 FIGHTS - Badly Drawn Boy

G		    Em
You look a lot, lot better tonight
Em		             G
You and I should go out for a fight
G	        Em
We need a holiday But not today, another day

G		   	    Em
You need eyes in the front of your head
Em		             G
And a spine with a built in bed
G		            Em
I don't want anybody else to know
So I wont be telling them
F#    G	                B7             C7
I love you, for all the things you do
F7	         G	         Em
But I can't even recall your name
Something beautiful about it though

Well good luck to your lady tonight
I took a piece of her heart, well not quite
She stole a piece of mine
Chewed it up and threw it back
I need help to get over pain
But the memories still remain
I loved her friendly eyes
The way they looked at each other
It moves me to tears, like a horror film
And I don't even recall her name
There's something beautiful about it though

Now there's a good, good feeling tonight
Just a feeling that something is right
We can minimalise the pain
Forget that is was ever there

Look at all the possibles
Throw answers out to the world
Its hard, its hard, its hard
Its hard, its hard, its hard
Its hard when you don't know how
But I'll be here to throw you some clues
Don't even have to know your name
Something beautiful about it though
Forty days and forty fights
Forty days and forty fights

This is the chord I saw Badly Drawn Boy played in Sydney Enmore Theatre on 20Mar03
Tabbed by Steve Ko ([email protected]) Email me for correction

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