Bad Religion - Whisper In Time
Standard Tuning:  EADGBE
Tabbed by Melissa Parker

This song is ment to have one clean guitar playing full chords, and one distorted playing
bar (power) chords.  Solo is for distortion as well.  Either way, sounds good done
acoustic, or electric.  One of my favorite bands, and I have tabbed it the best I
could for you.  Good luck!

> - Slide
h - Hammer on
/  - Bend

Intro:  D, C

Intro Solo:

Verse:  Em, D, C, Em

Em                                       D
All those stories that my dad told me
C                                           Em
They are just a whisper in time
Em                                           D
All those things that never came to me
C                                            D
They are just a whisper in time

Chorus:  C, G, D, G
                C, G, D, C, Em

                        C                             G
A whisper in time,  a whisper in time
D                                                        G
Things that I cant shake from my mind
                        C                            G
A whisper in time, a whisper in time
D                              C                  Em
Moments that just flicker and die



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