WATCH IT DIE - Bad Religion

By: Jody Beaulac, [email protected] 



A C G (4x) 

A C G A C G A C G A C G 
I was born on planet earth, a rotating ball where man comes first 

D C G A C G 
It's been around for a long, long time 

D B C B A 
But now it's time to watch it die 

(continue w/ lyrics) 

I saw a man on the big blue screen, he ruled the world economy 
He said the rich would never concede, but someday soon you'll be put to 

I've seen the life of a forest green and the adaptations of the deep blue 
And who knows who is the fittest, they will all soon be put to rest 

A G E F C B B 
On a plunging flight and we're sitting in the pilot's seat 

A G E G 
In the midst of life, people on a dark horizon praying somebody will save 
their lives 

(main rythm w/ lyrics) 
I was born on planet earth at a drastic time full of plastic mirth 
And everyday I've seen increasing signs and you would too if you'd open your 
You had a chance, you did not try, so now it's time to watch it die 

Now it's time to watch it die! 


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