this the first tab i ever made hope you enjoy it
jorge hoth, im from mexico

Riff 1
e |--------------------------------------------------------
B |--------------------------------------------------------
G |--------------------------------------------------------
D |--------------------------------------------------------
A |-----2-3--2h3-5--3-2-3-2--------2-3--2h3-5--3-2-3-2-----
E |-5--5-------------------5---5--5--------------------5---

the song is played by power chords A5, C5, F5, G5, E5
 A5 C5 F5 G5 E5

A5                    C5  
 I don't need to be a global citizen
F5                           G5 
 because I'm blessed by nationality
A5                 C5 
 I'm a member of a growing populace
F5                   G5
 we enforced our popularity
A5                             C5  
 there are things that seem to pull us under and
F5                     G5  
 there are things that drag us down
A5                         C5 
 but there's a power and a vital presence
F5                  E5
 that's lurking all around

A5     C5       F5      G5 
 we've got the american jesus
A5      C5      F5   G5  
 see him on the interstate
A5     C5       D5      F5  
 we've got the american jesus
A5                   G5           F5  
 he helped build the president's estate

A5                    C5 
 I feel sorry for the earth's population
F5                   G5
 'cuz so few live in the usa
A5                                C5  
 at least the foreigners can copy our morality 
F5                  G5 
 they can visit but they cannot stay
A5                 C5      
 only precious few can garner our prosperity
F5                     G5    
 it makes us walk with renewed confidence
A5                 C5
 we've got a place to go when we die
F5                          E5   
 and the architecht resides right here

A5     C5       F5      G5 
 we've got the american jesus
A5       C5  F5      G5 
 bolstering national faith
A5     C5       D5      F5 
 we've got the american jesus
A5            G5            F5 
 overwhelming millions every day

he's the farmer's barren fields
the force the army wields
the expression in the faces of the starving millions
the power of the man 
he's the fuel that drives the clan
he's the motive and the conscience of the murderer
he's the preacher on tv
the false sincerity
the form letter that's written by the big computers
he's the nuclear bombs
and the kids with no moms
and I'm fearful that he's inside me

we've got the american jesus.................

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