Cmaj7       Hm7
I close the door 
Like so many times, so many times before 
Felt like a scene on the cutting room floor 
When I let you walk away tonight 
    C      H
Without a word 

I try to sleep, yeah 
But the clock is stuck on thoughts of you and me 
A thousand more regrets unraveling, ohh 
If you were here right now, I swear, 
I'd tell you this 

     Em                      D
Baby I don't want to waste another day 
C                       Hm(H)
Keeping it inside it's killing me 
Cause all i ever want, 
It comes right down to you, to you
I'm wishing I could find the words to say 
Baby I would tell you every time you leave 
I'm inconsolable 

I climb the walls, yeah
I can see the edge but I can't take the fall, no. 
I've memorized the number 
So why can't I make the call? 
Maybe 'cause I know you'll always be with me 
In the possibility 


I don't wanna feel like this
I just wanna let you know
Everything I love hold you
It's everything killing go..  ohh go go


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