from the album
                                BACKSTREET BOYS
                         Chord´s by J.Rufino [email protected]
  Intro: G A Bm (2x)
           G            A                Bm        G                A         Bm
   I dont know what he does to make you cry , but I´ll be there to make you smile
           G      A   Bm     D               G       A        D
   I dont have fancy cars to get to you , I walk a thousand miles
           G           A              Bm                G           A        Bm
   I dont care if he buy´s you nice thing´s , does his gift´s come from the heart ?
           G      A                Bm         G                   A         D
   I dont know but if you were my girl , I´ll make it sure we´ll never be apart
                   G     A       Bm                   G         A      Bm
   But my love is all I have to give , without you I dont think I can live
                   G         A       D          G              A       Bm
   I wish I could give the world to you , but  love is all I have to give
   When he talks does it seem like his not , been listening to a word you say
   That´s o.k. baby just tell me all your problem´s , I´ll my best to kiss them all away
   Does he leave when you need him the most, does his friend´s get on your side ?
   Baby please I´m on my knees , begging for a place inside you´re heart (?)
    G                       A             Bm            D
   (Hey girl) Hey girl , I don´t want to hide no more inside
    G        A            D               G                 A             D   
    All the money in the world can never add up to all the love I have inside   
    I love you......................................( G,D,G,D )    D           G
    My love is all!!! ( i have to give )

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