I used the other tab for this song to do this, its pretty much the same but I
just thought it would be easier to play written like this. I'm not sure if its
100% right but it sounds pretty good, have fun.

Standard tuning
The only weird chords are Bsus4 and Dsus2 so i'v tabbed them out:
Bsus4 - x24430
Dsus2 - xx0230

The tab for the intro is on the other version.

Verse 1:

Bsus4            G                     Dsus2
Slippin' down a slide, I did enjoy the ride
                    A                    Bsus4
don't know what to decide, you lied to me
                      G                 Dsus2
You looked me in the eye, you took me by suprise
                  A                  Bsus4  G  Dsus2      A
Now are you gratified, you cried to me         La la lala la


Dsus2         G                      Dsus2           A
Don't turn around, I'm sick and I'm tired of your face
Dsus2            G                    Dsus2            A
Don't make this worse, you've already gone and got me mad


Too bad I'm not sad Its casting over
Just one of those things, you'll have to get over it

Bsus4 G Dsus2 A  

Verse 2:

Bsus4               G                           Dsus2
When i was feelin' down, you'd start to hang around
                        A            Bsus4
And then I found your hands all over me
                      G                       Dsus2
And that was out of bounds, you filthy rotten hound
                     A                Bsus4 G Dsus2       A
Its badder than it sounds, believe me         La la lala  la



Dsus2          Bsus4
Hey yeah, you gotta get over
Dsus2           Bsus4
Hey yeah, you gotta get over it




Tabbed by Bex

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