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Subject: season.crd

Here is a really cool Ash song off of their Trailer CD. I think
this is tuned down one half step, but I'm not sure. Be sure to
use a lot of distortion and a Phasor or a Flanger to make it 
sound really awesome. Have fun. (looks best in Courier)

Ab: 4665--
C:  3355--
C#: 4466--
E:  0221--
F:  1332--
G:  3554--

EFEF C Ab C# G  6x

Verse 1:
(Let the last G ring)                  C Ab C# G
Late September you walked into my life
(Let the last G ring)                        C Ab C# G
I remember the autumn, I remember that night
(Let the last G ring)                       C Ab C# G
That smile on your face, the pale pale moon
(Let the last G ring)                   C Ab C# G
All those good times still left to come

EFEF C Ab C# G  6x
On the third time through,throw in a Phasor or a Flanger

Verse 2:
Awoke by a phone call one cold night
In my dream you had been going to die
I felt so scared I was going to lose you
When I answered the phone I alraedy knew

  C                  Ab      C#             G
I cried bitter tears you had taken your own life

EFEF C Ab C# G  4x

Verse 3:
E        F        E      F       C Ab C# G
Down the corridor to the bedroom
E             F       E   F     C Ab C# G
I sit here in silence all alone
E        F        E    F  C Ab C# G
Alone is all I'll ever be
E         F              E        F
Except at night when you visit my dreams
   C        Ab            C#         G      E
It tears my heart I can't see you tomorrow


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