please dont let me be misunderstood

 Bm               Em

 Bm                 A
(1)baby do you understand me now
(2)baby sometimes im so carefree
(3)oh oh oh baby dont you know Im human

G                           F#
sometimes i feel a little mad
with a joy thats hard to hide
have thoughts like any other one

Bm                                      A
well dont you know that noone alive can always be an angel
and sometimes it seems that all I have to do is worry
sometimes i find myself long regretting

G                                   F#
when things go wrong i seem to be bad
and then youre bound to see my other side
some foolish thing some little simple thing Ive done

D                      Bm
im just a soul whos intentions are good
oh lord   please dont let me be misunderstood

G            A       G           A
if I seem edgy i want you to know
G            A               D     Bm/F#
that I never mean to take it out on you
G                 A             G
life has its problems and i get my share
G                        F#
and thats one thing i never mean to do cause i love you

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