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Song: Problem Child
By: Leah Andreone
Album: Veiled

Chorded by: Adam Klein
[email protected]
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Capo on 2nd
Intro: Am    G   Am   G

Am                     G
Why won't you pay attention
Am                            G
Pray every night I'll make you happy
Am                                   G
If I'm real bad will you punish me
Am                                      G                   Am
The contact hurts but at least you're touching me
Can't you see can't you read please read me please
Am                                     G
Hard to believe I'm your flesh and blood
Am                                 G                             Am
Watch your mistakes swimming down my face
Am                                           G
Jump up and down and I'll even fall
Am                            G
To your feet you're stepping on me
Am                                                               G
You're hurting me you don't notice me you're hurting me

F                         G                             Am
I'm screaming I'm breaking I'm grieving get angry
F            G                                Am
I'm rebelling I'm trying I'm losing be proud of me
F                      G
I'm sickening I'm learning please notice me I'm your baby
F7                                     G
Am I all you hoped that I would be

Must be no boundaries guess no one cares
Am                                        G                          Am
What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine to get
Am                            G
I'll make you listen until you're blue
Am                                     G              Am
The contact hurts but at least I'm touching you

F                 G                                      Am
I'm raping I'm craving I'm begging get angry
F                         G              Am
I'm weakening I'm regretting I'm sorry be proud of me
F           G
I'm invisible I'm multiplying
G                     Am
I'm pleading I'm killing
F7                                    G
Am I all you hoped that I would be

La la's
(play chords A F & Am)

F                    G
I'm crippling I'm sobbing
G                Am
I'm degrading I know you want me
F                           G
I'm deprecating I'm demoralizing
G             Am
I'm sad  humiliating
F                G
I'm empty I'm destroying
G             Am
I'm guilty I'm ashamed
I'm wrong I know I'm wrong

Am                    G
Why won't you pay attention
Am                                    G
Hung from a rope then you'll know me

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