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Last Night I Laid Your Memory To Rest
John Anderson

Intro: Bm A  G D/F# Em  D

Verse 1:        It's been years
                      A            D
                since you said goodbye
                When you left you left a mem'ry
                  E7                  A
                I thought would never die
                It took time, but I found someone
                    D7         G
                who made me forget
                     Bm                A         G
                Last night I laid your mem'ry to rest

                D Em D/F#      G
Chorus:              There was candle light
                and flowers
                soft music and wine
                When I held her in my arms
                You didn't cross my mind
                She helped me bury
                a love that was dead
                Last night
                            A         G D/F# Em  D
                I laid your mem'ry to rest

Break: Bm A  G D/F# Em  D

Verse 2:        We laughed and talked
                till dawn's early light
                And when she asked me if I loved her
                I didn't think twice
                I slipped your ring off my finger
                Without one regret
                Last night I laid your mem'ry to rest


Ending:         Last night
                I laid your mem'ry to rest

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