And you will know us by the trail of dead
perfect teenhood
tabbed by paul gilbert
any comments
[email protected]
/ = slide

I have played about with this song and i find the easiest way to play
it is to tune the A string to A#

There about three parts to this song

The bass comes in at about 13 sec where the part below
is played

G :|--------|--------|--------|--------|
D :|--------|--------|--------|--------|
E :|--------|--------|--------|--------|
and repeated, it is also played later and during
the noisy bit at the end.

the other two parts are

G :|--------|--------|
D :|--------|--------|
A#:|0-002222|10101010| those are ten's
E :|--------|--------|

G :|--------|--------|--------|--------|
D :|--------|--------|8---8---|6---6---|
E :|--------|--------|--------|--------|

thats it!

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