Em         C
 HERE IS the news from my little hideaway
 C             Em
 I've sent you songs about so many things
 Mighty Moondog's skipping waves
 Dolphins playing their lives away
 Golden Circus Girls and Pharaoes
 Fallen angels, streetside romeos
 Patricia's Park and anyway
 Eternal youth and neverending summerdays
 Lonely Girls, Music Halls the Mysteries of Love
 Em    C       Em
 In the event that I don't return
 C          Em
 Please take this message to understand.....
 Em    D
 In the event....
 Gm  F  Bb       Eb
 I am a stranger in a strange land
 D         Eb       D
 Welcome stranger to the land of the free
 Eb          D
 Welcome Carol to Phantasy....
 OH my God, I feel so alone
 A million light years far from home
 It seems to be a tragedy
 How can I live in Germany
 Another house is burning down
 It's time to face the cruel reality
 This is a game no more
 Disaster in the 20th century
 In the event that I don't return
 Please take this message to understand
 In the event that I don't return

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