E-------------------    Play this 4 times during intro     
 Chorus: play above riff throughout the Chorus
 Talk is cheap, shut up and dance
 Don`t get deep, shut up and dance
 Verse 1:
 Em       D         G
 Love has got me down
 play riff twice
  Em       D             G
 A tear just hit the ground
 play riff twice
 Verse 2:  this is a stretch but it was as close as I came
  Em                     D
 So I started writing you this song
 But the words came out all wrong
    C#m          Bm 
 Yeah, but it`s alright
 Verse 3: Follow same format as verse 1
 When you can`t define the crime
 Then life ain`t worth a dime
 Verse 4: follow same format as verse 2
 When they take away everything you got
 And they rub your nose in the funky spot
 Not without a fight
 Verse 5: follow same format as verse 1
 Sex is like a gun
 You aim, you shoot, you run
 Verse 6: follow same format as verse 2
 When you`re splittin` hairs with Mr.Clean
 It`s like getting head from a guillotine
 And the night has just begun
 Repeat Chorus

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