Intro :  (Rhy. Fig.1)
   E7                           Em7          E5  4X                     
 Verse :  (Rhy. Fig.2)
      E7                     Em7        
   Get   yourself cool-er,    lay yourself low.  Etc.
 (Rhy. Fig.2)
 Coincidental murder with nothing to show.  
 When the judge`s constipation goes to his head,
 and his wife`s aggravation, you`re soon enough dead.
   G5        A5      C5        D5
 -------------------------------|   Repeat Rhy. Fig.1
 -------------------------------|   After each chorus.
  Same old  story,  same old  song and dance
  Bridge :(Rhy. Fig.3) B
 -----------------------------------|  Repeat Rhy.Fig.3
 -----------------------------------|  with rest of 
 |--4-----4------0----2-----4-----4-----0---2---|  bridge.
   Fate  comes a knocking; doors start locking....
 Your old time connection, change your direction.
 Ain`t gonna change it, can`t rearrange it.
 Can`t stand the pain when it`s all the same to you, my friend.
    Rhy. Fig.1
      At the end, use the same chorus Rhy. but substitute
      this at the end of the chorus....
   C5       D5     F5       G5       A5                       
  Same old story, same old song and dance.

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