G                                 C
 I love to look into your big brown eyes.
 They talk to me and seem to hypnotize.
 They say the things nobody dares to say, 
 and I`m not about to let you fly away.
                                       C                  D        
 My lover with no jet lag, were staying up all night in my sleeping bag.
 You got a heart beat rythym from subterean,   
 I   real-ly   Love   You     Little girl, I dont neeeed to explain.
 G                               C                  F                               G   
 I love you cause your deuces are wild, girl, like a double shot of loving so fi--ye-ine
 G                                 C                F                                G // F // G
  I been loving you since you was a child, girl, cuz you and me are two of a ki-ye-iiiiiind.
 G                                                 C
 Ah----------  Like deja v#  I feel like I been heeeeeere,
 Or somewhere else but you`ve been always neeeeear.
 It`s  you that`s in my dreams, I`m begging for
 but I woke up when someone slammed the door
                                     C                        D
 so hard I fell out of bed, screaming mama`s little baby loves shorten bread,
 and the moral of the story I can testify; I get stoned on you girl.
 That`s the best reason whyyyyyyy.
 {chorus} x 2
 {chorus} x 3

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