Words/Music by Desmond Child and Steven Tyler

Intro:  Eb____ Bb-Ab____ Bb- (Play 3 Times)
        Cm____ Bb-Ab____ Absus____ Ab____

1: I´m alone
2:      Don´t know what I´m gonna do

                               Ab             Absus  Ab
1: Yeah I don´t know if I can face the night 
2:                about this feeling inside

1:   I´m in tears
2: Yes it´s true

            Cm                      Gm      Ab
1:  and the cryin´ that I do is for you
2:         loneliness took me for a ride

   Bb      Cm
1: I want  your love
2: Without your love

1: Let´s break the walls between us
2: I´m   nothing but a beggar

   Bb         Cm
1: Don´t make it tough
2: Without    your love

1: I´ll put away my pride
2: a  dog without a bone

   Bb       Cm
1: Enough´s enough
2: What can I do?

        Ab                            Bb
1: I´ve suffered and I´ve seen the light
2: I´m  sleeping   in   this  bed  alone


                       Eb     Bb-Ab
Ba-yay-by, you´re my angel
                 Bb-Cm        Bb-Ab
Come and save me tonight
       Bb-Eb     Bb-Ab
You´re my angel
Come and make it all right

1: Ab____ Absus____ Ab____   (goto verse 2)

   Bb-Ab               Bb-Eb
2:       Come and save me tonight

   Bb-Ab____ Bb-Cm____ Bb-Ab____

   You´re the reason I live
   You´re the reason I die
   You´re the reason I give
   when I break down and cry
Ab                            Bb____
   Don´t need no reason why.________
   Baby, Baby   

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