D		    G	            C	   G
I heard that you’re leavin - this sleepy little town
The bright lights must have caught your eye cuz you ain’t hangin’ round
Ya know people been talkin’ - they say you’re makin’ a mistake
Gotta get on that greyhound and forget about what they say

Just walk on by - walk on by
Don’t look over your shoulder - keep your head up high
Just walk on by

D G | C G | x2 (Riff A x2)

I’ve heard bad things about the city and i’m told that they’re true
Better watch out for those guys out there they’re gonna hit on you
So don’t talk to no strangers - no it ain’t your style
Don’t give up when the chips are down - just turn around and smile

            Am		      C		               D
You’re old enough to know why - you’re old enough to know why

Now you’re standing at the station - got a ticket in your hand
Guess you got you’re mind made up - gotta get out while you can
Don’t say i never told ya - now the rest is up to you
Those streets can be like a battlefield - when it’s hard to make it thru...


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