Вступление:C#m A H - 4р

G#m		      A
Who are you gonna run to, 
Now your ass is on the line
G#m			 A
Who do you think you're foolin' 
We ain't got the time
Don't try to tell me, 
Who's wrong or right
Don't say how do I 
There's no point in tryin' to change it at all

   C#m      A
Tonight, tonight, 
Let's leave it alone, 
H		C#m
Leave it alone tonight, 
   A		  H 
We can't change it at all

Forget the things I told you, 
Let's just sleep on it for now
It's your misunderstanding, 
I don't wanna hear you out
Two wrongs baby, 
They don't make a right
It's hardly worth the heartache, 
Let's leave it alone, leave it alone, 


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