E    H	     A	     E    H         A       
she got the brains - she got the looks 
she knows all the right people - reads all the right books 
she's got my name - she's got my number 
but what she see's in me i sometimes wonder 

            E	H           A   
she's a little too good for me 
she's gonna change me if i let her 
she's a little too good for me 
but i'm getting better 

i'm just a guy - i'm just me 
i'm happy with my feet up on the table - in front of my tv 
we're world's apart - we're night and day 
she's dinner by candle light - i'm just a take-a-way 


A	         H	          
she's says i do something to her 
F#m                 H
all her friends say i'm a loser

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