C		 	 G	         Dm7   F 
you don't know what you got - until you lose it
and i can testify that that's the truth 
i had it all and didn't know how to use it 
            C	          B	         Dmsus2
i was so stupid - it was right before my eyes 

I've been looking all my life
Waiting for the perfect time
Never knew that I would find it
Right back where I started from
Why'd I have to go so far
When everything was where you are
How'd I know that you be waiting
Right back where I started from

who can tell ya where the rivers flowin' 
just ride the wave - let it take ya down 
all the twists and turns i navigated 
it's so frustratin' you were there all the time 

		       F    	                  G F G F 
oh where i started from,   oh i started from here

G		                   Dm		      
i know where i'm headed to - it's right back where i've been

		       F       		             Bb 
yeah where i started from,   yeah where i started from

C G Dm F C

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