E	        F#m 
I've got one hand on the door, 
                G	 D        
One hand in my pocket,    	       		       
The world is on my shoulders, 
And I'm tryin' to get to you    	   
I'm gettin' pretty worried, 
Now that Ronnie's in the office, 
I shouldn't let it get to me,
There's nothin' I can do. 

A		         D		      
Think that you should know by now, 
You've done the damage now it can't be changed, 
So give me one good reason, 
C/B		      |
One good reason to stay

Well I knew that you were sleepin' 
And I didn't want to wake you, 
Cause this troubled look I got, 
Might make you change your mind. 
There's no need for compensation, 
There's no reason to foresake me, 
I was looking for the answers, 
But there's nothin' here to find


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