Вступление:F C G Gsus4 G F C G  
		    F	     C	          G	
It was the hottest summer,I was seventeen
You were a little older,the best I’d ever seen
We were young and foolish,only out for laughs
           F	     C		        E	     
Didn’t realise that time,would fly so fast

       F	        C
Miss America, tell me where you are
          G		     Dm
Can’t believe I’ve gone and lost you
         F		   C	      G	           
Just a photograph, just a memory, to me – yeah
	      F		              C
We were so misunderstood, thought we had it good
          G	       Dm
But just too young to know it
      F	                        G    
And now, I remember the way we were,Miss America

I could hear your laughter, like it was yesterday
You would put your hair up, I’d take it down, I liked it that way
We stayed out late and counted stars, from the back seat of my car
You said it’s love, I said ok, didn’t know what else to say


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