Dm7		              C
I've been on my best behaviour 
my conscience is a little too clean  
my halo's just a little too tight now  
I'm tired of the old routine  
    G5			       F
So baby lets get down and dirty  
forget about right from wrong  
I wanna sleep in a cheap motel room   
with nothing but the tv on 

 	                 D   C9
We need a little of the low life 
to keep our feet on the ground  
just a little of the low life  
sooner or later we gotta get down to the low life 

Well I don't wanna talk religion 
don't wanna talk politics 
I don't wanna talk at all babe 
I just wanna get my kicks 
so c'mon baby let your hair down 
you can chuck your pearls out the door 
just a little black lace and a smile on your face 
never need nothing more. 

Now baby you don't wanna talk about your day  
and you sure don't wanna hear 'bout mine
I'll meet you at the no tell motel  
         G	        A   
underneath the vacancy sign 

Припев 2р
just a little bit of fooling around 

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