she left her shoes out on the beach 
she left my dreams just out of reach 
she left her footprints in the sand 
she was a bird right in the hand 				
i met a girl that made me laugh 			       
she left a faded photograph 				
i thought i heard a siren song 			
i sang along but i was

Chorus 1:

Em          Am	
i was only dreamin' 
Em	    Am H C	
i was only dreamin' 
C	       G
visions in my head 
talkin in my sleep
turning in my bed 
     H	        Em	
but i was only dreamin' 

i met a girl that talked in rhyme 
i met a girl who took her time 
i saw the ocean in her eyes 
i saw myself unrecognized 
and all the stars up in the sky 
fell down like rain and made me cry 
i held the world right in my hands 
i held her close but i was...

Проигрыш:C H Em C H Em C H Em 

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