Вступление:Cm Gm B G# B Cm

Cm     Gm	     Cm		       Gm
It's 3 am - and I'm lying here next to you 
               B G#  G#-B  
Whatcha gonna do? 
Will you tell a story - when he asks you where the hell you've been  
Or will you tell the truth? 

                 Cm                    Gm7
I ain't holdin' back - I know where I stand 
B                      G#
I just want to be with you  
Ya gotta face the fact - baby I'm your man 
I've gotta get it through to you 
     B     Cm    
I'm fearless 

You don't have to hide 
You don't have to share half your life 
With some other guy 
Baby we're so strong - and it's been going on so long 
It's time to make it right - want you to spend the night 


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