Em7		   D		   
I can't believe this moment's come 
Am9		       Cmaj7		
It's so incredible that we're alone 
Em7		          D/F#		       
There's so much to be said and done 
C			Am7	   
It's impossible not to be overcome     
Will you forgive me if I feel this way 		        
Cuz we've just met - tell me that's OK 		   
So take this feeling'n make it grow 
Never let it - never let it go 

 G    D/F# Am		                  C		   
(Dont let go…) You give me something that I can believe in 
(Dont' let…) Go of this moment in time 
(Don't let go…) I can't explain the things that I'm feeling 
      G      D	 C    
No, I don't let go 

Now would you mind if I bared my soul 
Am                        C                Em
If I came right out and said you’re beautiful 
Cuz there's something here I can't explain 
Am7		        G/H	           
I feel I'm diving into driving rain 
Em7		     D/F#		
You get my senses running wild 
Am7		  C/H		       
I can't resist your sweet, sweet smile 
Em		        D		   
So take this feeling'n make it grow 
Never let it - never let it go 


           Am		  G    
I've been waiting all my life 
              D		     Em
To make this moment feel so right 
             Am		         D
The feel of you just fills the night 
So c'mon - just hold on tight 

       G     D	 C 
No, I won't let go 
      Em  D/F# Am C
(No don’t let go)
      Em7   D   C
(No I won’t let go)

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