A		      H		    E	      
You always say the things I can believe in
A		     H 	        E
Always say the things I wanna hear
A	          H	   E      Emaj7     C#m
I believe them all - the stories short and tall
       F#	             A
I believe you, ya I believe you

	     A	 E
You give me love
	          H         F#m
When love is all I need to live
	         A                E		   H	    
You gave your word, when words were just superlative
	       A E	        H	      F#m
When I was blind, you came and opened up my eyes
          A	    H	         C#m F# 
Now I feel I can believe in anything
        A	         H           A   E A E 
You taught me how to fly on broken wings

You always do the things I can depend on
You're always there every night and day
Everytime I've fallen down - you've always been around
To lift me up again
To set me straight again


A		  E
Sometimes I find myself on my own
       H	             F#m			
And can’t find the road that leads me back home
A			   E	   H
But you made believe I can do anything
Even fly on broken wings


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