Back To You - Bryan Adams

This is the radio version, I'm not sure if the album version is
but I think it might be.

C      x32010
Am     x02210
F      x33211
Gsus4  320013
E      022100 
G      320003
Em     022000
C/G    332010


C    Am    F    Gsus4 (x2)

Fill 1 - Guitar 2 with slide (you can use your finger, I did) (2nd
     (C) (Am)    (F)       (Gsus4)
                                         I've been   

          C               Am
I've been down, I've been beat
             F                     Gsus4  
I've been so tired that I couldn't speak
             C                     Am 
I've been so lost that I could not see
         F                       Gsus4  
I wanted things that were out of reach
     C                    Am               
Then I found you, and you helped me through
        F                 Gsus4
And you showed me what to do
       F                       E
That's why, I'm coming back to you

       Am                 F                Gsus4      G
Like a star that guides a ship, across the ocean
                Am               F             Gsus4     G  
That's how your love can take me home, back to you
         Em             Am                 Em                Am
And if I wish upon that star, that someday I'll be where you are
 F                        Gsus4          G
I know that day is coming soon, yeah I'm coming back to you

C    Am    F    Gsus4 (with Fill 1)

You've been alone, you didn't show it
You've been in pain and I did not know it
You let me do what I needed to do, 
You were there when I needed you
Might have let you down, might have messed you around
But you never changed your point of view
That's why, I'm coming back to you


Am   F    Gsus4    G

G                  Am     F     Gsus4 
I'm coming back to you
G                  Am     F     Gsus4 
I'm coming back to you
G                  Am     F     Gsus4 
I'm coming back to you
G                  Am     F     Gsus4 
I'm coming back to you
G                  Am     F     Gsus4 
That day is coming soon
G                  Am     F     Gsus4 
I'm coming back to you

G     Am     F     C/G

(Thank you! Back To You!)

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