repeat 3 x
 Want to tell you a story
 `Bout a woman I know
 When it comes to lovin`
 Ooo, she steals the show
 She ain`t exactly pretty
 Ain`t exactly small
 You could say she`s got it all
 Never had a woman
 Never had a woman like you
 Doin` all the things
 Doin` all the things you do
 Ain`t no fairy story
 Ain`t no skin and bones
 But you give it all you got
 Weighin` in at nineteen stone
 You`re a whole lotta woman
 A whole lotta woman
 A whole lotta Rosie
 Whole lotta Rosie x 2
 You`re a whole lotta woman
 (2nd: Gives a whole lot of love)
 Only you can do it
 Do it to me all night long
 Only want to turn
 Only want to turn me on
 All through the night time
 Right around the clock
 To my suprise, eh
 Rosie never stop

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