Rock`N`Roll ain`t nosie pollution
                            From AC/DC`s Back in black album
 Intro and Chorus:
                     E        A           E                            A
         Rock`n`Roll__ ain`t noise pollu - tion.   Rock`n`Roll__ ain`t gon--na die
 In the begining Brian Johnson says something likes this:
 "Hey, there, all you middle men. Throw away your fancy clothes. And while
 you`re out there sitting on a fence, so get of your ass and come down here,
 cause Rock`N`Roll ain`t no riddle man. To me it makes good, good sense."
 First verse:
 [E]Heavy decibels are playing [A]on my guitar. We got 
 vi[E]brations coming up from the flo[A]or. Well, just 
 list[E]ning to the rock that`s giving [A]too much noise. Are you
 [E]deaf, you wanna hear some more [A]We`re just 
 talk[E]ing about the fu[A]ture for[B]get about the past [E]It`ll always
 [A]be with us It`s never gonna die, never gonna die.
 Second verse:
 I took a look inside your bedroom door
 You looked so good lying on your bed.
 Well, I asked you if wanted any rhythm and love
 You said you wanna rock`n`roll instead.
 We`re just talking about the future
 Forget about the past
 It`ll always be with us
 It`s never gonna die, never gonna die.

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