The intro arrpeggios are played over the chords A and D.
     A            D
 B--------9------------7-----|  2 times
 The main riff is rock and roll itself. Perhaps one of the
 most used rock rythyms going - it still sounds fresh on this
 album  - even in 1994 !!
 D------4 -4-po-2-----4-4-po-2-----------|
  po = pull off
  Try experimenting with this rythym until you get the
  right feel. IT IS FUN !!!
 y` say that that you play too loud
 well baby that`s tough
 y`say that you got too much
 can`t get enough
 tell you that you look a fool
 baby I`m a fool for you
 say that you`re my disease
 well, shake your stuff
                 It`s a R[G5]ock and [D/F#]Roll damn[A5]ation
                 [G5]ma`s own [D/F#]whipping b[A5]oy
                 [G5]rock and [D/F#]roll damn[A5]ation
                 [D5]take a chance
                 [E5]while you still got a choice
 you say that you want respect
 honey grow up
 everything that you`ve done for me
 well thanks a lot
 c`mon, get up off your bended knees
 y`can , set your mind at ease
 my temperature`s running hot
 and I`ve been waiting all night for a bite of what
 you`ve got,and
 {c:Chorus: (Intro section over the lyrics)}
         just a boy with a toy  ( ??? )
         come on and take your choice
         cos you`re way out of reach
         living in your sin you gotta practise what you preach
                 It`s a R[G5]ock and [D/F#]Roll damn[A5]ation
                 [G5]ma`s own [D/F#]whipping b[A5]oy
                 [G5]rock and [D/F#]roll damn[A5]ation
                 [D5]take a chance
                 [D5]while you still got a choice
 Back to the main riff for the solo which I can`t get to
 sound right - but I know that just as the vocals come
 back in the solo is playing something like:
 G---16b-16b---16b-16b-----   repeatedly.
 try messing around with this. It`s easier to stumble across
 by playing than writing it down !!
 Mario Gagnon            
 Northern Telecom Canada
 [email protected]

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