riff a
E ---------------------
B -3-2---2-0---2-0-----
G -4-2---2-0---2-0-----
D ---------------------
A -------------------2-
E -------------------0- x 2

riff b
E -----------
G -----------
B -----------
D -----------
A -2-2-2---2-
E -0-0-3---0- x 18

riff c
E --------------------
G --------------------
B --------------------
D --------------------
A -5-5-5-5--5--5--5-2-
E -3-3-3-3--2--3--3-0- x 4 (on the 4th time, it's not the full riff)

Solo not tabbed but it's on the blues pentatonic.


Breakin' balls, bangin' walls

Work hard and though, I want some rough
Unpack my bags, and take a drag
When bang on nine, and dead on time

Open up the door
And lay upon the floor
She open her overcoat
Linin' out her dreams
Rippin' off my jeans

You are a ballbreaker

Engine roll, time to go
A razorback, a hog attack
Buildin' steam, whippin' cream
She likes a fat, smokin' stack

Hangin' off her legs
She threw me on the bed
Her hand went for my throat
As I began to choke
She said, honey shoot your load

You are a ballbreaker

Wreckin' ball, let it roll
You are a ballbreaker

Buildlin' steam, whippin' cream
You are a balbreaker

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