INTRO:   B7sus4

bass riff:   A-----0--2------0--2---------0-2-------

(VERSE) (B7sus4) Don't know how to take it, don't know where to (B7) go
My (B7sus4) resistance running (B7) low
And every day the (E) hold is getting (A) tighter and it (B) troubles me (E) so
(You know that I'm nobody's (B7sus4) fool)
I'm nobody's fool and yet it's clear to (B7) me
I (B7sus4) don't have a (B7) strategy
It's just like taking (E) candy from a (A) baby and I think I (B) must (E) be

(CHORUS) (E) Under attack, I'm (A) being (B) taken
(E) About to (G#) crack, defences breaking
(A) Won't some (A6) body (A) please (E) have a heart
Come and (A) rescue me (A6) now 'cause (A) I'm (D) falling (B) apart
Under attack, I'm taking cover
He's on my track, my chasing lover
Thinking nothing can stop him now
Should I want to, I'm not sure I (A) (E) would know how



Synth solo:  | B7sus4 |  repeatx3  then   G#   A   E   A   E   E


B7sus4:  x24252
B7:  x24242 or x21202 or 797877
G#:  466544
A6:  x02222

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