VERSE:  (F) I've always hated my room, it's so gloomy and dreary
Always too dark, for the windows just (G/F) face the back (F) yard
So I (G) (F) (G) (C)  can't understand how it's happened, how everything's (C9sus4) changing
This old (F) dirty ceiling seems a little whiter (C/E)
When you (Dm) walked into the room it all got so (C9sus4) much brighter

CHORUS:  You must have a (Bb) love (F) light
Everything around you is love (Bb) (F) light
And I can feel your love every (C) where
(Bb) Baby, (F) even when you're not (C) there
The (Bb) love (F) light
Everything around you is (Bb) love (F) light
You're shining like a star in the (C) night
(Bb) I won't let you (F) out of my sight (C)
(Bb) I don't want to (F) lose you, I don't want to lose your (C) lovelight

VERSE:  How I remember the first time we went to a movie
We had decided to meet on a corner downtown
And I waited there when you came up from behind and you kissed me
And the traffic seemed to get a little lighter
When you came into my life it all got so much brighter


And I (F) feel (G) so (C) good
And I (F) feel (G) so (C) right
And I (F) know (C) that (C9sus4)you must have a (F) lovelight


C9sus4:  x33333
C/E:  xx213

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