C                              F            C
Down in the street they´re all singing and shouting, 
         G               F       G 
Staying alive though the city is dead. 
G7            C           G7     C 
Hiding their shame behind hollow laughter 
      F        C      G7           C   
While you are crying alone on your bed. 

Pity Cassandra that no one believed you, 
But then again you were lost from the start. 
Now we must suffer and sell our secrets, 
 F        G       F     Dm     G       C
Bargain, playing smart, aching in our hearts. 

Sorry Cassandra I misunderstood, 
Now the last day is dawning. 
Some of us wanted but none of us could 
Listen to words of warning. 
But on the darkest of nights 
        F          E
Nobody knew how to fight 
                            F    C
And we were caught in our sleep. 
Sorry Cassandra I didn´t believe 
You really had the power. 
I only saw it as dreams you would weave 
Until the final hour. 

So in the morning your ship will be sailing 
Now that your father and sister are gone. 
There is no reason for you to linger 
You´re grieving deeply but still moving on. 

You know the future is casting a shadow 
No one else sees it but you know your fate. 
Packing your bags, being slow and thorough 
Knowing, though you´re late, that ship is sure to wait. 


I watched the ship leaving harbour at sunrise 
Sails almost slack in the cool morning rain. 
She stood on the deck, just a tiny figure 
Rigid and restrained, blue eyes filled with pain. 


I´m sorry Cassandra.
I´m sorry Cassandra. 

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