Вступление: Dm Am G G6 G 
            Dm Am G E E7

Am	    D	                  
One time to know that it´s real 
Am	    D
One time to know how it feels 
     Gmaj7  E7 E
That´s all 
One call - your voice on the phone 
One place - a moment alone
That´s all 

What do you see?
C           Em
What do you know?
What are the signs? 
Em        F
What do I do? 
F                C   G     Am
Just follow your lifelines through
What do you hate? 
What up to then? 
What do I do?
What do you say? 
                 C   G      Dm   Am G
Don´t throw your lifelines away 
G               G6  G      Dm   Am G E7
Don´t throw your lifelines away

One time - just once in my life
One time - to know it can happen twice
One shot of a clear blue sky 
One look - I see no reasons why you can´t 
One chance to be back to the point 
     G/Gmaj7 Gm\F#  C   Hm
Where everything  starts 
C	       Hm        Am
One chance to keep it together
 D            E
Things fall apart 
Am     D                    E
Once I make us believe it´s true 


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