D Ds C D Ds G
D C G G(open1st) Bb
We got married on a cold mid-winter's morning
D C G G(open1st) Bb
We said our lines then kissed and it was over
Bm G
Those pronouncements had such weight
I guess they made us hesitate - hesitate
D Ds C D Ds G
D C G G(open1st) Bb
When she moved her hips and swayed in my direction
D C G G(open1st) Bb
I thought we could make it yet and beat the isolation
Bm G C G
But in that gentle dark, man we tore ourselves apart

D Dsus C D Dsus G
Through fire and rain through wilderness and pain
D Ds C
Through the losses, through the gains
D Ds G D
On love's roller coaster train - I call your name

C G G(open1st) Bb
(Oh God)...we used to laugh
D C G G(open1st) Bb
Is the fire dying, babe it hurts to ask
Bm G D
Let me hold you for awhile.


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