Gm D-D7  Gm D-D7  Cm7 Gm D-D7  F9

1. Hold me tight
   This is a lonely night
            D#        F
   And I´ve hurt you baby
              Bb      D
   ´Cause you are my light

   Make me strong
   Just like you make me weak
   When your hands reach out for me
 Bb               D
   Even in your sleep

        Gm           D7
Chorus. I´ll soon be gone now
     D#              Bb    D
        Forever not yours
        Gm           D7
        It won´t be long now
     D#              Bb    D
        Forever not yours

Gm D-D7  F9

2. Memories
   They keep coming through
   The good ones hurt more
   Than the bad ones do

   The days were high
   And the nights were deep
   And I miss you baby
   I miss you baby


Gm F9 D Bb D  Gm F9 D Bb D

   Gm            D7       D# Bb D
   I´ll soon be gone now...
   Gm           D7
   It won´t be long now
 D#            Bb    D         Gm
   Forever not... forever not yours

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